A new studio with big ambitions for how porn can help the people that need it most. Porn for therapy can help people with depression, loneliness and anxiety, but like alcohol please don't over indulge!

For collaborations with other Clips4Sale studios, Pornhub Amateur Model Program, my dirty hobby and more please use the contact page here.

For established pornstars please get in touch with your availability and rates.

At this time we are only accepting female models.

Porn for therapy - filming with us.

We can offer a great surrogate partner service where you will earn money while also relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Each movie is shot in a natural tasteful way and is a great way for you to overcome stiffness and open yourself up to new experiences.

For those looking for a great way to earn money, get in touch!

The Payday, Car, and business loan alternative.

Why settle for expensive loans? They always cost you more, so that you have less, and that is the best case scenario. Worst case is that things happen that is not your fault and you end up in a debt spiral that you never get out of. Work with us and avoid a debt spiral at the same time as you have fun and get lots of cash. Your shoot could get you between £120-600 depending on which levels you do, and you can always remain anonymous! No one will know its you!  Doesn't that look good?

The life sucking 9-5 job alternative.

We have the best pay system around and you will have unlimited earning potential. With an open mind you can quit your boring 9-5 job! Imagine having all the free time and free money to do what you want when you want to do it. Knowing that only you know how you can earn so much money! Because, it doesn't stop with videos. No, we will encourage you to explore your talents and progress, not just in porn but in other areas too. This could be the difference between you landing your dream job/life and you still being stuck in the 9-5 rat race. You could even only do a few films, as, with our payment system you will always earn money from it. If someone offered you a way out, doesn't that sound great?

Become famous!

Or have you always wanted to be famous? To be a star? Have millions of men want you, women want to be you! Many celebs were no one until they made a sex tape! Now they have fame and fortune! All it takes is a little open mind, to join us, and then we promise to do everything in our power to make you a star. Imagine finally being famous, the lifestyle, the people, the clothes, shoes and cars, would it feel fab to finally be there?

Worried about "getting caught" by someone you know? Well, with 90,000+ adult sites on the net, chances of this happening are slim to none. We certainly can't guarantee someone won't recognize you, not once have we been able to ID anyone we've known from school, the community, or the workplace. The few times we've heard of this sort of thing happening to one of our actors, it's been them... bragging to someone about a job they've done. I work in clean, safe environments.  No big production crew on site... Just you and Me, a very private experience.

What I require:

Of course you must be 18 years of age or older. 2 forms of ID are required the day of the shoot. One must be a state or government issued ID with a picture on it. The other can be anything with your name... anything from a social security card to a library card will work! Just make sure it has your name on it...make photocopies of these documents...just hit an OfficeMax really quick and lay them on the copier! You'll be required to sign a standard model release and age verification contract. Fun, easy going attitudes.

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