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Porn Star of The Month | September

September’s Porn Star of the Month is Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss is a true English Rose and one of the best blows EVER. Her Hijab Porn video continues to be one of our best sellers, remaining popular with people all over the world.

Holly Kiss featues in these adult videos

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Our Top Selling Adult Vertical Videos

Vertical Video pron is certainly becoming popular as our phones become our main device for consuming games, news, media and of course porn! So starting with our most popular vertical video porn videos we have listed our best selling Vertical videos. There is no great suprise to see that our Vertical Video DLC mega pack is in the top 3 offering such great value. But our No1 seller is, Holly Kiss teasing the voyeur recording her on his mobile! Holly Kiss also takes the 3rd spot with her Vertical Video Hijab face fuck and cum play. Scroll through the entire list and see if you agree, and maybe buy a few that you like!

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How to Make More money From Your Adult Videos

Start Recording Better Adult Videos for Onlyfans, ManyVids and other adult platforms

Taking great looking images and movies is essential to repeat business and persuading people to buy or subscirbe to your conent. As the old truisim goes: content is king. So the first thing you need to think about doing is upgrading your equipment. Of particular note here should be how you record sound.

Olympus OM-D Camera

Why buy a dedicated camera system when your iPhone can do just as good? An iPhone or android is great for getting you started as cheaply as possible, having some content is better than not having any. But a good camera with interchangable lenses is even better. Thye provide you with more options for style and quality, with different lenses offering different styles of shooting and some with better low light capabilities. They give you an extra reliability that phones cannot. As a good option to get started and provide a significant upgrade try the OM-D series of cameras.

Olympus LS-P4 HI-RES Audio Recorder

This is one area where most others fall short, not paying enough attention to a very important area. Recording crisp clear quality audio can turn an average video into a great one, and unfortunatley an otherwise great visually video into a poor video. There are many different options for recording good sound but I always prefer having a seperate dedicated device and then syncing the sound and video up in post. The Olympus Audio recorder is the one I use and I have nver looked back.


Naturally clothing is one of the most important aspects of your role and your personal brand. Go too sluty – which is what the average creator does and you are just another girl online selling videos. Cosplay is always effective but is become more saturated as more girls take advantage of this category. While it is always good to have diverse content and so to include slutty and cosplay into your collection, one of the best ways to get a huge following ( enough to buy your dream house etc) is to build a personal style, a personal brand that makes you easily recognisable and sets you apart from others. If you need help finding your own style then get in touch or take a look at my top 3 outfits for onlyfans

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Being fit to get flush. Fitness & OnlyFans

While there may be many girls who are large and earning money from fan sites like onlyfans (they are of course catering to a small niche of guys) the really top earners nearlly all have one thing in common. Fit, attractive bodies. Now that’s not so say all slim and skinny. We are talking her of being of a strong build, nicely toned. We asked a Manchester based Personal Trainer, whether its true that you will earn more and what you can do.

While you may earn good enough money going big, is it really worth all those health problems? Is it really worth not being able to run, or climb stairs? What would be the point in earning money that you can’t fully enjoy, as being obese costs the average person an extra $3000 and takes years off you life expectancy. Besides the really top earners are not obese.

A good body is its own investment

Many studies show that attractive people are far more successful both in modeling and relationships. But being fit also extends to having better control over your finances, mean you are less prone to mental health problems and can cater to a wider audiance. Rather than having to rely on a small niche.

A free fitness tip from MGTfit Personal Training

Javorek Complex

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with some light dumbbells. Arms down by your side. Raise your arms forward until they are in a straight line in front of you, gripping the weights vertically. Perform this movement 5 times.

Now raise your arms out to your sides until parallel with the floor. The dumbbells should be horizontal. Perform this movement 5 times.

With a bend in your knee, bend forwards keeping your back straight, and raise your arms out to your sides as in the last movement. Squeeze your shoulder blades. Perform this movement 5 times.


For the ancient Chinese, the dragon was a mythical creature which symbolised the creative, the dynamic, electrically charged energy manifested in the thunderstorm.
The Dragon represents supreme wisdom, power, control, and social effectiveness.The purpose of this exercise is to instil all the above characteristics into your mind and body. It will help your mind by helping to overcome feelings of depression, anger, hostility and all the anxieties brought on by feeling overwhelmed by adverse circumstances, for the dragon, flying through the heavens, is above all mundane concerns. This is a great exercise for Internal Fitness.

Since the Dragon represents the Fire element, the effect on your body as you do this exercise is to bring balance to your heart, blood vessels and small intestines.

The Dragon

  • Begin by standing still.
  • Now, take a few deep breaths, and as you are doing this vividly imagine that you are a Dragon with glowing eyes, open mouth with fangs, glistening scales, a curling tail, and long claws.
  • Now, raising one foot, adopt the pose and character of the Dragon. Hold one arm up with claws down, and hold the other arm down with claws up.
  • Feel free, to express yourself as the dragon.
  • Hold the pose and image as long as you can without straining.
  • Repeat as many times as you comfortably can. A 1000 times is not enough if you are conflicted.
  • The most important aspect is the union of body and mind, so keep the image strong and don’t let your mind wander. If it does stop, and start again.
  • No benefit will be gained unless the body and mind are in union.

Do this exercise daily. For as long as you have time or are able. You have no excuse not to, as this exercise can be done in one minute and can be done anywhere in the world. From a hotel room to the stationary cupboard, from the beach to the mountain.

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Top 3 Outfits for OnlyFans

It can be hard to keep content fresh and your subs hooked, but one very easy way is to use the right clothing to get them hot and thirsty for more. But don’t be too quick to reveal all, the art of the tease can keep them wanting more and keep the as subs – deny what they crave and they will be enthralled for as long as you need them.

Don’t forget to branch out and give your fans something different, a good way of doing this without going against the brand of your OnlyFans page is to collaborate with other people. We are happy to work with most OnlyFans creators, this gives you more exposure on other platforms, plus we don’t have a OnlyFans page, our videos are buy to keep so we don’t take subs off you! Take a look and apply here, or promote your adult business page on one of our videos