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How to Make More money From Your Adult Videos

Start Recording Better Adult Videos for Onlyfans, ManyVids and other adult platforms

Taking great looking images and movies is essential to repeat business and persuading people to buy or subscirbe to your conent. As the old truisim goes: content is king. So the first thing you need to think about doing is upgrading your equipment. Of particular note here should be how you record sound.

Olympus OM-D Camera

Why buy a dedicated camera system when your iPhone can do just as good? An iPhone or android is great for getting you started as cheaply as possible, having some content is better than not having any. But a good camera with interchangable lenses is even better. Thye provide you with more options for style and quality, with different lenses offering different styles of shooting and some with better low light capabilities. They give you an extra reliability that phones cannot. As a good option to get started and provide a significant upgrade try the OM-D series of cameras.

Olympus LS-P4 HI-RES Audio Recorder

This is one area where most others fall short, not paying enough attention to a very important area. Recording crisp clear quality audio can turn an average video into a great one, and unfortunatley an otherwise great visually video into a poor video. There are many different options for recording good sound but I always prefer having a seperate dedicated device and then syncing the sound and video up in post. The Olympus Audio recorder is the one I use and I have nver looked back.


Naturally clothing is one of the most important aspects of your role and your personal brand. Go too sluty – which is what the average creator does and you are just another girl online selling videos. Cosplay is always effective but is become more saturated as more girls take advantage of this category. While it is always good to have diverse content and so to include slutty and cosplay into your collection, one of the best ways to get a huge following ( enough to buy your dream house etc) is to build a personal style, a personal brand that makes you easily recognisable and sets you apart from others. If you need help finding your own style then get in touch or take a look at my top 3 outfits for onlyfans

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