Mary | Sex Doll


Mary, super shy sex doll



Top quality 145cm 3d Japanese sex doll for adult,life size Japanese silicone sex doll


Sex Dolls make great surrogate partners, for widows, couples and singles

Mary is devoutly religious, and rather shy, but she is willing to submit to any partner or couple and do exactly as she is told! She loves to have vaginal sex, and oral sex, but her favourite is anal sex.


package:come with 1 pcs full body solid
sex doll exactly the same as the one showing in the pictures,Object photography,what you see is what you will get,except the dress and the Props we put on the toy when taking the pictures,about dress :come with one dress,color and style is random

With metal skeleton for different poses.

secret shipment,we just declare it as a toy to customs when shipping,no one will know what is it inside


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